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SCP path specification format

Hi I am trying to SCP flash backups off my controllers to an SCP server (Cygwin).  I have done similar in the past and have it working from other unix based devices.  The issue is that the destination path contains spaces. 


The path is more complicated but for the sake of this, I just want to copy the file to:

C:\Controller Backups\Dated Configs\flashbackup.tar.gz


That would normally result in a scp target of:

"/cygdrive/c/Controller\ Backups/Dated\ Configs/flashbackup.tar.gz"


But I get an error during the copy:

Error copying file:
Data/flashbackup.tar.gz: No such file or directory


Can anyone help with the correct format to escape the spaces?

David Rickard
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Re: SCP path specification format

I do not believe this is possible since the controllers do not support specifying a destination folder when using SCP. It will simply copy it to the root folder of the username in question. 


copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz scp: <scphost> <username> <destfilename>

You can specify a destination folder when using FTP however.



(Aruba620) # copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz ftp: username ?
<remote-dir> Enter the remote directory if needed

(Aruba620) # copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz ftp: username /path/path ?
<destfilename> Enter the destination file name

(Aruba620) # copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz ftp: username /path/path filename


If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: SCP path specification format

OK I will see if I have FTP, or may create a user with the right home directory.



David Rickard
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