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SSH command execution

Hi @all,


Has anybody out there successfully managed to use SSH command execution with Aruba controllers?

If so, would you mind sharing how exactly you did?


Background: when issuing remote commands to the controller via SSH, e.g. "ssh user@controller show clock" it doesn't return any output, not even when using -t. -v shows the SSH client talking to the controller's SSH server perfectly fine, even up to the point where "Sending command: show clock" happens, but that's about it. No output, over and out.

Just for the records: an interactive session from this client to the controller, of course, works. This is _not_ about how to establish an interactive SSH session, but rather on how to have commands executed remotely).

I keep reading that AWMS, RANCID, Kiwi CatTools et al. are using SSH to talk to controllers, so I assume there has to be a way for this to work.

I'd like to use this for the obvious reason: scripts running on a central linux-host automagically taking care of all kinds of administrative tasks.


Any suggestions, hints or RTFMs (pls. with specific pointers to any documentation I might have missed so far ;) would be highly appreciated.

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Re: SSH command execution

This is not supported.  When you 'ssh' into a controller, you are in the Aruba OS CLI.  It is not standard UNIX shell.


Most people write some kind of 'expect' script (using Perl/Expect/Python etc). 


You should take a look at the "ACE Air Recorder" tool found on the support site under:


  Tools & Resources / ACE Air Recorder



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Re: SSH command execution

Please look at the below thread for solution to automated SSH command execution with Aruba controllers



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