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SSH into Aruba 7210/7010 not working

I am having issues accessing 4 of my controllers via ssh.

7010 ( FIPS)

dedicated managment port (must be trusted right?)

i can ping the IP

I can access the WebUI

There is no firewall since this is on the OOBM network

ssh is enabled by default and i looked in the webui and in the management section, username/password is enabled and allow for local authentication is enabled.






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Re: SSH into Aruba 7210/7010 not working

SSH now works into my 7010/7210, the resolution is to ssh directly from secureCRT vice ssh from my switch.  


I am currently investigating why Cisco cannot ssh to aruba.  This is a bidirectional problem.  aruba cannot ssh into cisco and cisco cannot ssh into aruba.  aruba can ssh into aruba and cisco can ssh into cisco.

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