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SSID issue when relaying DHCP through Fortinet firewall

I inherited an undocumented network, and am having an odd problem with my APs in 2 locations. They are both small offices attached to the main campus by broadband. At the remote site there are Aruba APs, and a Fortigate 60D set to relay dhcp back to the main campus across the VPN. On campus, the DHCP server issues IPs. Everything works as long as there are IPs available. But both ranges are tight, and whenever all IPs are taken, the APs stop broadcasting the SSIDs. As soon as I restart the FW, the APs broadcast again. I have gone to Fortinet, and they are pointing to Aruba.


I cannot redesign DHCP without redoing all the scopes jammed against these two, as there are literally dozens of small scopes set up across campus. Any suggestions?

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Re: SSID issue when relaying DHCP through Fortinet firewall

Diagram, please.

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