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SSID with WISPr Authentication

Aruba 7010 (OS Version: and AP 325.


kindly help us to achieve our system team requirements regardin SSID with WISPr authentication.

this type of authentication is new to us, as per system team once connected to SSID installed application on client device will authenticate AAA server otherthan this no details available.



we have went through below article (https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Controller-Based-WLANs/What-is-Wireless-Internet-Service-Provider-Roaming-WISPr-and-how/ta-p/187718).


as per above article we need to configure following.


1. Authentication server

2. WISPr Authentication profile 


so we need to get the Authenticaation server details and WISPr Authentication profile configuration details (this details we will ask from vendor).


apart from this, someone pls explain how will be this WISPr authentication will works.




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Re: SSID with WISPr Authentication

Hi we found aruba article related with WISPr authentication on aruba.




based on this article my understanding, two type of technology EAP (SIM based authntication) & WISPr  (Accuris client) based authentication.

we are looking for client based authentication.


still i am confused, how do we need to confiure the SSID (open / psk/ 802.1x authentication) or can we create a open ssid and then map a WISPr Profile to respective AAA profile.


pls help me to clear my understanding. 


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