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SSL Certificate generation/installation issue

Hello community,


I am having a problem with getting an SSL certificate installed in my AMP 7.6.0.

I generated the CSR as mentioned in one of the replies in this thread:



I was able to generate the CSR, get the certificate from the CA and install them just like described.

However, When I restarted the appachi nothing changed and the old SSL is still appearing on the HTTPS URL.


- How can I install the certificate correctly?

- What about installing the certificate usign the GUI? Should I merge the generted certificate with the private key before installing it?

- What if my certificate is published using an intermediate certificate? should I merge all the certificates in a p12 cert type file?





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Re: SSL Certificate generation/installation issue

I opened a ticket with the TAC and they provided the procedure. It is available in this link:



The procedures I was following is not complete. it is missing some steps.



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