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Same SSID Name in 2 Different Wireless Controller

I need to replace existing HP Access Point which are controlled by HP MSM 720 currently. New Devices will be IAP-305 which are Instant Access Point. So One of the new IAP will be acting as Virtual Controller.


I have 3 buildings running this wireless network. All 3 building are beside to each other.


My plan is to replace existing AP with the new access Point with same SSID and Password configured in new IAP. But problem is at that time same SSID will be also transmistted from Access Point of beside building. And those Access Points are controlled by HP MSM Controller.


Now the question is , is there any problem if the same SSID is transmitted from 2 different controller from 2 different building what are the risk ? If any how it can be mitigated ?



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Re: Same SSID Name in 2 Different Wireless Controller

If you make sure that they put the client on the same layer 2 vlan, use the same encryption and channel width, it might be able to work.  If the power difference between the two networks is great, you might have some roaming issues as the clients might want to prefer the other network.

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