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Scheduled Backup of Mobility Master Flashbackup.tar.gz

I have the mobility master installed on a VM, running

In the event, the physical server hardware fails, I would like the option to restore the MM from a flash backup. Is it possible to create an automated or scheduled backup of the Mobility Master flashbackup.tar.gz? I understand that I can manually create a backup of the MM. 

What is the recommendation or best practice for automating a backup

of the MM flash? 


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MVP Expert

Re: Scheduled Backup of Mobility Master Flashbackup.tar.gz

Hi Athony,


The most easy and recommended method is to use Aruba Airwave for monitoring. Airwave can create automatic flash backups from your Mobility Master. Not only from your MM but also from all your switches to keep all configuration backups centrally managed.


Off course you are free to script it yourself with a simple SSH python script or make use of the powerful REST API interface.


For some API example see this topic:



Hope this helps you!


Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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