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Second ethernet port on AP-270 series

The AP-270 series have 2 ethernet ports designated WAN (accepting PoE) and LAN.  Can the second ethernet port on an AP-270 series be used to extend the network?  Can I connect a second AP off the second connection?  Or is the LAN port only used when powering the AP with AC power?  

Re: Second ethernet port on AP-270 series

Whilst not an AP270 expert, I beleive there are no performance / feature restrictions when using PoE vs AC power. You should be able to extend the network using the secondary Ethernet port or plug an AP int oit if you wish.

Caveat: This will need configuring and will not work if the AP is a mesh point in Instant mode.(Last time I checked)




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Re: Second ethernet port on AP-270 series



AP features are independent of power input. more over you can power source other devices ( AP) through WAN port and it is compatible with 802.3at POE devices.


Yes we can bring up any other AP by hooking to WAN port of 170 series APs but we need to ensure the relevant configuration is done in the " Ethernet interface 1 port configuration" of the AP-Group going to provision the AP.


Hope you got some more clarity on this.


Please feel free for any further help on this.


Venu Puduchery,
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