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Separate DHCP scopes and servers

I have a aruba mobility controller 3400 with about 50 access points on it now.  We have two ssids being broadcast, one being for employees and one for guests.  Each client receives a dhcp address from our network dhcp server.  The questions I have would be is it possible to enable the dhcp server on the controller and set a separate scope and network for the guest ssid yet leave the staff ssid network the same?  I would like the staff clients to get a internal type IP which gives them access to the resources they need.  I want people connecting to the guest ssid to get a 192.168.x.x IP which I will set to only allow basic internet access.  Any help on this or if there is an easier way I would appreciate the info.




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Re: Separate DHCP scopes and servers



- Setup a VLAN

- Give it an IP address on its interface.  That will be your client's default gateway.

- Setup a DHCP scope for that guest range with the controller's ip address on that VLAN as the default gateway

- On the IP interface of that VLAN make sure "ip nat inside" or "source nat" is enabled

- Change the Virtual AP VLAN for your guest network to the one you just setup.


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Re: Separate DHCP scopes and servers

Thanks for the info.  I will give it a try in the next few weeks and see what happens. 



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