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Set-top-boxes vs aruba?

hello guys,

i want to know what is the disadvantages of using Set-top-boxes including internal wifi..instead of aruba AP in hotels.



Re: Set-top-boxes vs aruba?

Set top boxes that provide wifi for clients? Which box? Does it support advanced radio management for RF adaption as our APs do so that they don't all step on each other's channels and can they deal with interference? Do they support Client Match to deal with sticky clients? Will they support roaming of clients from one area to another as they walk through the hotel? Do they support/enable all the DFS channels where available to provide you with more RF spectrum to use? Are they able to be centrally managed for configuration/maintenance/upgrades, etc from a single console? Do they provide advanced useage and reporting from an airwave-type appliance? Do they support large user loads or high bandwidth consumption?


If you provide an example peice of hardware, we can look at it, but usually those integrated WLAN units are very VERY cheap, don't perform well, introduce lots of interference and channel re-use issues, etc. 

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