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Setting RTLS multicast address



We are currently integrating a RTLS solution with Aruba AP and controller.


However, it seems like Aruba AP's are hardcoded to only listen for messages sent from ekahau tags (OUI 00:18:8e). From doc:


The chirp should use 01:18:8e:00:00:00 as the multicast address ...

The documentation mentions that it is possible to change the multicast address for the Aeroscout feed, but this feed is not documented anywhere.


This message is used with the Aeroscout RTLS feed and should does not affect the standard feed.  This message will set the RTLS detected Multicast Address.




So my question is: Is it possible to change the multicast address for the standard RTLS feed?


Attaching the document we have used so far.


Knut E Husa




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