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Setup WLAN for AP 105



In our network, we have some different AP's 105 that are in bridge mode.

In this setup the controller, an 3600, and the AP are in the same network, but I would like to setup

a WLAN that broadcasts the LAN in another office, located in another country, connected through an MPLS.


Can I do the same, just put the AP in bridged mode and the rest will be done by the local infrastructure after

the AP has connected to it's controller?


Or will it be inevitable to install a controller over there?


Thanks  and regards



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Re: Setup WLAN for AP 105

One of the most important things you have to look for is the regulatory compliance. A US controller can terminate only US APs. So if you have an office in Germany then you can't terminate those APs on the US controller. See Chapter 7 on regulatory compliance in the controller and deployment VRD http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/technology/DG_Mobility-Controllers-Deployment-Models-5.0-VRD.pdf


  • If you comply with all the regulatory requirements then you can deploy the bridge mode AP as a campus AP or a remote AP.
  • When you deploy APs in other countries, the APs should be in a separte AP group which complies with the wifi regulatory standards of that country. Say you are terminating  APs in country Y on a controller in country X, then the AP group used for the APs in country Y should comply with wifi regulatory standards of country Y
  • Another alternative, will be the Aruba Instant solution for the remote site. The Aruba instant solution is based on the Vitual controller concept.




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Re: Setup WLAN for AP 105

The controller and the AP's are all connected in Europe.

So this won't give any issues I suppose.

I'll create a new Group and provision the AP as a Campus AP.


thanks and regards


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