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Shared Licenses

I've been on the phone with support now for 2 hours this morning.


I have centralized licensing on and I have a master controller that says it has only contributed 48 licenses and it has another 64 available on that unit.  Shouldn't that say 0?  and their should be 112 licenses available?  Is it because the licenses are older?  I'll be honeset I don't understand Aruba's Licensing model.  


They came with an 3600-64-US controller.    Meaning it has 64 AP licenses with it.


What is crazy is that everything was working fine until last night when I rebooted all of my switches and the APS that would have rebooted too.  Now it is telling me that I do not have enough licenses to terminate to the controller they all terminated to yesterday.

Re: Shared Licenses


The built in licenses are not shared with the license clients.


What's your current setup ? master/local ?


please share  show  license client-table ,  the show  license profile

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Shared Licenses

Okay so if the built in licenses aren't shared then this isn't going to work.  What is so strange is that is all seemed to be working for the last couple of weeks with this setup.


This is a master- 5 local


I should be able to still terminate to the Master that has the built in licenses.  I'm hoping those get used first?


(aruba-master) # show license client-table

Built-in limit: 64
License Client Table
Service Type System Limit Server Lic. Used Lic. Contributed Lic. Remaining Lic.
------------ ------------ ----------- --------- ---------------- --------------
Access Points 512 0 0 48 64
Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module 512 70 0 120 70
RF Protect 512 0 0 0 0
xSec Module 4096 0 0 0 0
Advanced Cryptography 4096 0 0 0 0



(aruba-master) #show license profile

License provisioning profile
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Centralized Licensing Enabled


Re: Shared Licenses



You should be able to use the built in master license if you have APs attach to the master directly


Make sure that centralize licensing is enabled on the rest of controllers because it seems that your controller are grabbing any licenses


I am wondering if any of your locals are communicating curretly with your master.

Run the following :


show  license heartbeat stats 

show switches 

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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