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Shoretel VOIP Phones with an Aruba Master/Local Controller setup

Has anyone else ran into any issues trying to get Shoretel VOIP phones working accross a master/local IPSEC setup?


My setup looks essentially like this:


Home Network ---  Aruba 3200 (Master) ---- INTERNET ----- Aruba 651 --- Remote Network


I have traffic successfully passing from remote network to the Home network with no issues.  Pings, RDP, Windows File transfers, etc all work.


However, I am seeing an issue where my Shoretel VOIP traffic is unable to communicate.  It uses UDP port 5440 to send voice traffic as well as keepalives so the switches know which connections are available.  That traffic does not appear to be correctly traversing the remote to home networks.


Any thoughts or points in the right direction would be appreciated.




Re: Shoretel VOIP Phones with an Aruba Master/Local Controller setup

I would start by looking at the ROLE and policy that the shoretel phones are ending up in.... is it the same as a laptop that you are reporting all the other tests from or different/distinct for the phones ?

Once the role is known, I would then look at the policies for that role... what traffic is allowed/what do the policies look like? 

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