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Should We Update Firmware ??

Hi guys, I just want to get to the point. I have 2 controllers in a different building, 1 as a master and another 1 as a slave  connected by VPN. Model 7010, Ver Problems : 1. When it gets disconnected either from master side or slave side, I have to input the preshared-key from each device to get VPN connection again. 2. When it gets disconnected, the master oftenly cannot read all AP in slave side, although all AP have been up again. 3 . Why did I should add a new wireless to create a new network profile to connect to the AP, we have to delete the existing SSID and make a new one then sigining again. Are all these problems due to not being updated firmware? Is updating firmware necessary to do ? What is the impact if we don't do  ? Please help me.

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