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Show processes command

Does anyone know of somewhere I can obtain some information about the process states in the "S" column of the "show processes" command.

Re: Show processes command

Is there a reason you need to know this? Looking at the controller when you run show processes command you see the following line at the bottom.


ps --user nobody -N -wo %cpu,state,pid,ppid,vsz,rss,flags,nice,start_time,time,eip,cmd


This appears to relate to the headers at the top of show processes command, it suggests that that column relates to the "state" of the process.




The only flag's I've seen in the state colum are S and R.


"S" appears to be next to a process which is being run by the mobility switch

"R" appears to be run by a user, i.e the "show processes" command.


Maybe someone else can shed some light on this... :)

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Show processes command

The possible values are -

D - Uniterruptible Sleep

R - Runnable

S - Sleeping

T - Traced or Stopped

Z - defunct.


T and Z are considered bad, but I would like to understand a little more in case they are seen in any outputs.

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