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Site2Site that will work like Via Clients

We have via clients that successfully connect to our campus controller then are NAT'ed  out to our Core.  

I have a remote Aruba650 controller that I want to set up in a similar fashion.  Right now I have a site2site connecting the 2 650 controllers, however the remote site can only access resources directly on the campus 650 itself, and will  not NAT out to the campus Core to access other vlans.  I have routes on the remote controller telling it to use the tunnel for ip ranges that exist on campus. And a route back to the remote controller on the campus side, however it seems the request stay only locally on the controller.   I spent about 6 hours total on the phone with TAC but no dice yet.   Here is a example of what I want to accomplish


Re: Site2Site that will work like Via Clients

Okay le tme see if i undertand you


You got 2 650 i see you got IPphone no the remote site

1-What it doesnt work is the Site to Site link? 

2-you want to terminate VIA clients on the remote Site and those clients cannot go through the tunnel sucessfully


Which is your problem? 1 or 2? or both :)




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