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Slow wifi performance with 3200A

We are using an older 3200A (Non XM) Mobility controller. Unfortunately this system was in place before I started here, so i'm not sure how exactly it was setup.


Here is the current setup as best as I can describe:


Aruba 3200A - ArubaOS

16x AP-105's connected throughout our facilities.

Controller detection via DNS entry.

We used to have it setup to do a captive portal, but we removed that and just have an open guest wifi.


Clients can connect just fine and pick up an IP address, but the controller appears to be throttling the connections. I can't seem to find any policies or rules setup for bandwidth shaping.


All users are getting a consistent 4mb/s upload/download speed. Other than the speed issue, everything else is working fine.


Where would I look to see if it's throttling connections? AP's are not setup to use a building/floor plans. Controller is connected directly to firewall which has no QoS of any kind setup and that is connected to our 100+mb/s internet provider.


Firewall and internet connection are not the bottleneck as speed tests show 80mb/s+.


There are about 20 clients on average connected. Mostly iPhone and Android's. The system is very underutilized right now because everyone complains about the speed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!







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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A

Is there a bandwidth contract configured and connected to the user-role?

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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A



There was no bandwidth contract configured. I did try creating one and applying it per user and per group to see if that had any effect. No change in bandwidth.


Clients are still limited to 4mb/s up and down. I checked our firewall again and set it to allow all ports to see if it was causing any issues with the controller. That had no effect either.


I am tempted to completely clear out the configuration and rebuild it from scratch. I did try updating the firmware on the device to, but it just hangs on boot up.



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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A

If you have not, please open a TAC case in parallel with this post.  They would be able to see all the information you cannot post here and give you a positive direction.



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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A

Can you directly plug your laptop to controller and do the speed test? this way we can eliminate RF issues?





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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A

That is a great idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that. I will test it out and let you know.



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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A



Do you by any chance send the guests to a VLAN that ends up on a separate internet connection that only has 4Mbit? Do you have other wireless networks running that goes faster than 4Mbit/s?


There´s also a possibility to apply bandwidth contracts to VLAN interfaces, double check that there´s none configured on the controllers. 



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Re: Slow wifi performance with 3200A

There are no bandwidth contracts that I can find that are assigned to the VLAN.


I assigned the same VLAN we use for the AP's on the extra port on the controller (0/3) and a quick speed test shows 70-80mb/s which is what I was expecting.


So knowing that the controller has the bandwidth available, i'm thinkning it's got to be something with the configuration.


I am going to see if I can wipe the config, set it back to factory defaults and rebuilt it from scratch.

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