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Slower download speeds than upload?



We are noticing slower download speeds than upload? We have X2 3600 Master-Standby and a 3200 local controlller network with AP105's. We tested through our remote access SSID and VPN but got the same results through a different SSID with direct connection to our internal network?

I have tested port and interface speeds and did not find a bottleneck? I also do not have bandwidth throttling?

Re: Slower download speeds than upload?

When you tested on wired were you using the same VLAN that you are using on wireless ?

Did you tested from one of the controller wired ports?

From the controller dashboard can you see the overall RF health : Noise , Channel utilization , SNR ?
Do you have drop broadcast/multicast on the VAP turned on?

How many SSIDs are you broadcasting ?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Slower download speeds than upload?

Hi all tests are wireless, either through VPN or directly connected through a different SSID but same results, overal health on both controllers look good!


We are broadcasting a max of 6 SSID's with a mix of PSK, Captive Portal and 802.1x.

Drop broadcast/multicast on the VAP is off on all SSID's.


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Re: Slower download speeds than upload?

how much of a difference are we talking about?


have you tried the drop multicast / broadcast?

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