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So we may have too much AP density...

So we bought all this Aruba gear and most of it is now installed but what we are seeing is areas where your laptop can “see” over like 10 wifi access points and we believe it may be causing roaming/connectivity issues.  I know Aruba is supposed to automatically (ARM?) adjust power and channel to each AP dynamically but I was just curious if in our controller we should turn down our transmit power?  See screenshot of our controller below, should we turn this down from 15 to like 9 or something?  Thanks.


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Re: So we may have too much AP density...

The EIRP in the radio profile only comes into play when ARM is off, so that is not where you should be looking.  Look into the ARM profile under the radio profile.  See what the min and max tx power is (by default it is 18 and 127 which is too high).  The defaults are too high, and it is basically from historically making sure that a sparse deployment has enough power.  I would log into ASE solution 75 here:  https://ase.arubanetworks.com/solutions/id/75 and have them walk through what your parameters should be.

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