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Solution for DHCP lease limit

Hi everyone,


I have a customer which has a 7205 controller running ArubaOS It has many DHCP scopes configured on it and has reached the DHCP lease limit for this controller, which is 4096. I thought of upgrading the firmware, but I have seen in the documentation of newer releases than that the limit is the same, so upgrading is not a solution. Is there any solution for this? Is the only solution to have an external DHCP server?


Thanks in advance,


Re: Solution for DHCP lease limit

You could review the utilisation of the scopes and perhaps trim some down by use of excluded-addresses.  This may free up enough to let you add some more scopes, but you'll only come up against this problem again at some point.

The most effective, scalable and recommended solution is an external DHCP server.

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Re: Solution for DHCP lease limit

Hi Michael,


My customer already trimmed several scopes off for the reason you said. It seems the only solution for large DHCP scopes is to have an external DHCP server. Many thanks.




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