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Some AP's not visible on physical controllers but available on Managed Network Level in AOS8

Hi everyone,

We seem to be having a very strange incident,even have an Aruba TAC engineer on site but still struggling to resolve this issue so hopefully someone on here have seen/experienced something similar before.

We are running AOS8 Mobility Master with three x 7240 controllers (Currently in HA but soon to be moved to clustering)

There are 1550 x Access points across the campus with 9 x SSID's.


Users in one specific building started complaining about having no Internet access in certain parts of the building.

Walk through tests confirmed the user roams and stays connected to the SSID throughout however in certain parts of the building (Right hand side), the user loses their IP address and is issued with an APIPA address i.e. still connected to the SSID but have no internet access.


When looking at the physicall controller (MD) the AP's where users are experiencing the issue is NOT visible within the GUI of the controller however is visible within the CLI. So, out of a total of 18 x AP's, only 10 are visible.

The AP's also show up at Managed Network Level but again not on physical controller.


After rebooting ONE of the affected AP's, all other affected AP's became visible in the physical controller and it seemed the issue resolved itself however after about 5 minutes the affected AP's dissappeared again from the physical controller.



* We do have enough licenses

* Only change to network was in December - DNS change




1. Why would AP's come up and dissapear again from physical controller GUI but remain in CLI table and on Managed Network level?

2. What could possibly interfere/cause AP's to stop issuing IP addresses and/or retain IP addresses/session information?

3. IP Mobility is not enabled - But this never seemed to be an issue before as everything used to work.

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Re: Some AP's not visible on physical controllers but available on Managed Network Level in AOS8

Found the solution to the problem and system has been stable for 48 hours.

Answer was to reboot ALL of the AP's in the AP group and not just "troubled" AP's.

When rebooting only one of the affected AP's, all other affected AP's appeared in the controller for about 5 minutes and then magically dissappeared again.

After rebooting all AP's, system was restored which could have saved a lot of time if this was the first approach.

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