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Some Windows Phone Clients steal the network gateway



We have got many problems with some wireless clients (Windows Phone 7.5) who steal the network gateway.
We use 4 controllers  ( 1 master and 3 local )
They  are in version
The controller are not the default gateway for wireless clients and the default gateway is behind the controller.

Some features are activated :
- Deny Inter User Bridging
- Deny Inter User Traffic


On clients' interface vlan:
- bcmc-optimization

On vap :

- Drop Broadcast and Multicast
- Convert Broadcast ARP requests to unicast

Is there a way to block these clients?


Thank you in advance for your advice.



Re: Some Windows Phone Clients steal the network gateway

Seems you're not alone in this:




No replies there yet..


Might that you can block them by adding "Enforce DHCP" to the AAA profile, and of course make sure the gateway IP isn't part of the dhcp scope.

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Re: Some Windows Phone Clients steal the network gateway

Thank you for your response.

It works very well  !!


I have found an anotther solution with validuser acl if DHCP is not used :





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