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Source NAT

How to source NAT to different vlan than the one used for WLC , without need for creating policy and rule,


i mean when we enable the source nat in the IP interface configuration, this vlan will be source natted to the WLC ip address,

but what i need is to be natted to another vlan interface.


sample configuration


VLAN10 : WLC IP address:




i need all the IPs from VLAN30 to be source natted to IP



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Re: Source NAT

The ip nat inside or source nat for each VLAN will be routed out of the next-hop or default gateway interface.  If the controller thinks that the default gateway is on the 10.1.20.x subnet, then traffic will be source-natted out of  You just need to have static routes to any other subnet the controller would need to get to.  


In short, the source nat gets natted out of the interface of the default gateway in general.  Make the router upstream from the default gateway, then put in static routes for other destinations and the ip nat inside will work the way you want it to without creating a policy and rule.


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Re: Source NAT

anks dear,

but you didn't get the idea, i only need to do this for the 192.168.x.x subnet "to be nated to 10.0.20.x subnet"

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Re: Source NAT

Hi Omran, I wanted to see if you figured out how to complete this source NAT example?  I am trying to do the same type of configuration.

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