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Source for Ethernet Cable Glans used in AP-270

The outdoor access points AP-270 come with two watertight ethernet cable glans for sealing the ethernet cables in the 1/2" NPT threaded holes where ethernet cable enters the access point.

Some airhead lost some of ours.  They are small, and just the sort of thing a janitor will sweep up and throw out before you get the AP installed.

I've been looking with no luck for a part number or a specification that would allow me to source replacements.  Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Source for Ethernet Cable Glans used in AP-270

When I was asked to pick a user name, I thought of my company name Terrific.IT and of the Airheads community, then immediately seized on the user name of Terrifichead without much thought into other meanings of that.  Just saying.  Definitely an airhead I guess.

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Re: Source for Ethernet Cable Glans used in AP-270



Is a good source for replacement glands. Note the 270s all ship with two :)

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