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Spanning-Tree & DHCP

I have two 7220s running VRRP (which is working fine) and the controllers are performing DHCP for clients. I understand that Aruba Best Practice is to disable spanning-tree (which I did) but I believe I ran into an issue.

The AP and I are connected to the master controler but when I permform an "ipconfig/all" on my laptop it shows my DHCP server as the standby-master IP address for that network.

What could be problem?

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Re: Spanning-Tree & DHCP



I believe you have configured DHCP on both the controllers, here DHCP discovery is a broadcast traffic hence it can reach both the controllers and both the controllers can send back offer message but client will choose anyone of those.


Hope you got some clarity.


Please feel free for any further clarity on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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