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Spectrum Analysis outside 2.4/5ghz bands?

I'm pretty new to the powers of Aruba's spectrum analysis, but is it possible to poll outside the 2.4/5ghz bands? Maybe something through the CLI?


I'd assume values retrieved wouldn't be super accurate, but would be better than nothing.



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Re: Spectrum Analysis outside 2.4/5ghz bands?



the Aruba spectrum scan is done only in 2.4 and 5 ghz. 

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Re: Spectrum Analysis outside 2.4/5ghz bands?

The ISM bands you mention are the only ones covered by spectrum analysis of the Aruba solution (and any others I am aware of in the Enterprise WIFI market).


Looking at what it takes to do spectrum analysis :   Hardware (being chipset and Antenna(s)) + Software (being OS and drivers) it would be difficult to get an accurate reading outside these bands with any standard access point.


Why?   The readings obtained are a function of not only the software in use (which we(Aruba) could modify...)  chipset in use(which is set in silicon("stone") by the chipset manufacturers, and also the antenna (RF) subsystem of the access point.


The chipsets in use on the access points are specifically designed for WIFI operation (meaning 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands), in addition the antenna systems that are 'plugged into' these chipsets(inside or outside the APs) are also 'tuned' to these same bands.  


The result is that any results you could get would not be all that accurate even if we did modify the Aruba OS to look 'outside' the specific WIFI bands.


Hope that helps,



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