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Spectrum Analysis windows is missing on MM


I'd like an advise, please, because I wasn't able to google the answer myself. 


My goal is to have Spectrum Analysis enabled to see the spectrum, to compare/evaluate it with what i'm getting with IAP SM.


The setup is 2MM + 2MC ( and 3x305 IAP converted to AP

I have this set of evaluation licenses:


I've converted one AP to SA as it said on User Guide with Spectrum Local Override Profile.


Next I'm trying to do, what i'm told in the User Guide:



But I don't see the Spectrum monitor tab on my Mobility Master / MM1


And I can't find Spectrum monitor tab nowhere else..


Can someone please advise/explain - what i've missed?


Thank you a lot!

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Re: Spectrum Analysis windows is missing on MM

The documentation might be wrong.  Try logging into the GUI of the MD (controller) instead:

Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 08.27.02.png

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Re: Spectrum Analysis windows is missing on MM

Thank you, cjoseph, again. I was able to enjoy the spectrum analysis not from Mobility Master, but after i've logged directly into Mobility Controller.


Thus, spectrum override feature also didn't work as advertised in the manual (picture above), but only after attaching AP to another group, as on picture below:

ArubaQ2_4.pngSo, thank you very much, really appretiate your help!

Re: Spectrum Analysis windows is missing on MM

The Spectrum Analysis tab of the Diagnostics > Tools in the WebUI includes the Spectrum Dashboards , Spectrum Monitors, and Session Log windows.

Thank you

Victor Fabian

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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