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Spectrum Hybrid Mode

I read that AP's can be configured in hybrid mode to support periodic spectrum scanning - but only on the channel servicing clients. I'm looking for clarification on if an AP-105 can be configured in hybrid mode (was lead to believe yes at the conference but the UG says no)....



In the 6.1 user guide it mentioned the following


Device support for spectrum analysis

Device Configurable as a Spectrum Monitor? (first yes/no on each line below)

Configurable as a Hybrid AP? (second yes/no on each line below)


AP-105 Yes No

AP-92 Yes No

AP-93 Yes No

AP-120 Series Yes No

AP-130 Series Yes Yes

AP-175 Yes No


Re: Spectrum Hybrid Mode




It's Simple - just upgrade to 6.2.X and you will have hybrid mode supported in AP-105 (But please,first read the release notes - and check that your controller and everything fit)


AOS 6.1.X = AP-105 NO GO for hybrid mode.

AOS 6.2.3.X 6.2.10 = AP-105 GEEN LIGHT GO GO GO for hybrid mode. :smileywink:


screen shots from release note ( i also attached them for u to this post) of


have a lovley night. :smileylol:



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Re: Spectrum Hybrid Mode

Thanks for that note. I'm not keen on early deployment releases though so guess I'll have to wait a bit until 6.2 is general deployment.

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