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Spectrum Monitoring hybrid mode with ap-225

Is anyone using the spectrum monitoring hybrid mode with an ap-225?

(the mode where the AP spends some time doing spectrum analysis in addition to serving clients).

Is it working fine?

We had this option enabled for the 2.4Ghz radios on our AP-225's and noticed an issue.  Not sure if the issue was from this option but removing it resolved the problem.

Users (myself included) had difficulty connecting to the 2.4Ghz radio of the AP-225; (connection on 802.1x would fail, authtracebuf showed the process to be incomplete, connecting to the open ssid would sometimes work and then drop)

Looking at the RF with inssider, it showed the signal from the ap as a dashed line (- - - - - - -).


We have been using this mode on our AP-105's (without issue), although we are considering disabling it now as we haven't made good use of the data for troubleshooting.



I am wondering if the resolution of my problem was co-incidence or not.

We are on version



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