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Spectrum interferer syslog messages

I would like to track non-wifi interferers via syslog and trigger NMS actions based on those messages, however I can't seem to find any spectrum related (microwave, base station, frequency hopper,etc) messages in the 6.1 syslog guide and am not finding any messages in the log files on the controller.


I do see a past history of detected non-wifi interferers when viewing the spectrum monitor info tables on the controller (show ap spectrum), and I also see this information via Airwave reports so I know there are interfering devices present, however I would like to be notified when these are detected via syslog.  Is this possible, and what are the logging levels/procs/subcats that need to be enabled?



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Re: Spectrum interferer syslog messages

I am interested in this as well - did you narrow down the logging subcategories?

Kevin Schoenfeld

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