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Spectrum monitor mode on AP-125

Hi, I think I'm confused by the documentation on the RF Protect spectrum monitor mode.  In the tech note "Managing and Optimizing RF Spectrum for Aruba WLANs" it has a table showing APs that support Spectrum Monitor mode and for AP-125 it says yes.  But when I try to put the AP in that mode using the RF Management mde "spectrum-mode" the AP states:


radio 0: Not spectrum capable; entering air monitor mode.


So I'm confused if I'm doing something wrong, if its not supported or if an additional license is needed.  If someone knows, I'd appreciate it.  OS



Re: Spectrum monitor mode on AP-125

2015-02-06 11_37_46-AP125 Spectrum Mode - Airheads Community.png

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Spectrum monitor mode on AP-125

Thanks, and boo :(  I wonder why they took that out?  Maybe they enhanced it and the older chips couldn't do it anymore.

Guess I have an excuse to upgrade!

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Re: Spectrum monitor mode on AP-125

The 120 series APs are very old at this point and do not have the resources
to handle spectrum.

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