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Spectrum monitor

Hi there,


I would like to turn the spectrum analyzer on the 650 controller, but once created the new ap-group (spectrum mon.) and added 1 ap 5 of these, when I apply the change, all become ap spectrum monitor : why?


Thanx in advance.

Re: Spectrum monitor

create a new profiles...not just new ap-group.

if your two ap-groups using the same profiles it will effect all your ap's


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Re: Spectrum monitor

Another method you can use if you just want to move one AP at a time into Spectrum mode is to use "Spectrum Override"


Go into Configuration-> Advanced Services->All Profiles->Spectrum Override.  Enter the name of the AP you wish to turn into a dedicated Spectrum Analyzer, select the band, and click apply.  To put the AP back into service go back to the same screen and delete the AP.


Re: Spectrum monitor

You must have changed the profile that the other AP group uses like mentioned above.


How to make a Aruba Spectrum Monitor


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