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Station Ageout Time

I am looking at the values which I have set for the Station Ageout time in my SSID Profiles.

It is currently set at 500sec which I believe to be the default value.


Because I have a lot of BYOD clients on this SSID which go to sleep frequently I am considering increasing the ageout time to a higher value.  Perhaps as high as 30min.


Is there any reason that I should not do this?





Re: Station Ageout Time

No...that shoud be ok.  Especially at only 30 min.

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Re: Station Ageout Time

How high could one go with this before there are negative consequences?  I'm having issues with a client guest network where guest are having to re-auth via captive portal sooner than they would like (mobile devices go to sleep, and upon wake, re-auth).  Is increasing [Station-Ageout Time] the best approach, or would increasing [User Idle Timeout] be a better choice?

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Re: Station Ageout Time

Thanks versatech,


I like this option better as it will allow me to assign an idle timeout value as a RADIUS attribute to each user-role.

This way I can age out un-authenticated stations in the guest-logon role quickly and allow my authenticated users a much longer idle time.




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