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Strange Issues with adding/updating Security Policies

Good Afternoon!


I am working with a 620 controller and am having strange issues when I'm trying to add or update security policies in the controller.  I am able to create policies with no issues, I just can't add any rules to them.  When I create a rule and click add it will show in the list, however when I click apply to try to save the rule, it returns to the policy screen and shows that it has 0 rules.  When I try to edit the policy to have a look, there are in fact no rules.  Something else I found strange is that there are no services in the list.  When I try to create a rule that allows or denys a service, the list of options is empty.  I found this strange since there are other rules for other policies using services.  I was running when I discovered this and I tried to update to and the problem is still there.


Has anyone seen this before or have any idea what might be causing this?




Re: Strange Issues with adding/updating Security Policies

Please confirm you have PEFNG licenses installed.  The services and policies require this.

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Re: Strange Issues with adding/updating Security Policies

That would be it.  I do not.  I figured it was something I was overlooking. 



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