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Strange behavior of WiFi Phone



I notice a strange behavior of a WiFi Phone associated with our WiFi network, composed by 1 controller Aruba650 and 10 AP (1 AP105 + 9 AP93). The firmware version is ArubaOS

The phone is always in the same location, under an AP, but in the log I see the messages that I attached here on a file.

The phone is deauthenticated by other APs, but these APs aren't the AP on which the client is associeted.


Why I get these messages?What is the meaning oh these?






Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013

Re: Strange behavior of WiFi Phone

You should run the show ap association client-mac <device Mac >

How close are those APs ? That the phone might be associating to one of those since it can hear the beacons from that AP but is not a healthy signal ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Strange behavior of WiFi Phone

Here the output of the command show ap association client-mac <device Mac >:


The phy column shows client's operational capabilities for current association

Flags: A: Active, B: Band Steerable, H: Hotspot(802.11u) client, K: 802.11K client, R: 802.11R client, W: WMM client, w: 802.11w client

PHY Details: HT   : High throughput;      20: 20MHz;  40: 40MHz
             VHT  : Very High throughput; 80: 80MHz; 160: 160MHz; 80p80: 80MHz + 80MHz
             <n>ss: <n> spatial streams

Association Table
Name   bssid              mac                auth  assoc  aid  l-int  essid     vlan-id  tunnel-id  phy  assoc. time  num assoc  Flags  Band steer moves (T/S)
----   -----              ---                ----  -----  ---  -----  -----     -------  ---------  ---  -----------  ---------  -----  ----------------------
APADU  00:24:6c:80:ae:b4  00:03:2a:25:1b:4a  y     y      1    1      WiFi_RED  3        0x10050    g    7h:41m:32s   1          WA     0/0

00:03:2a:25:1b:4a-00:24:6c:80:ae:b4 Stats
Parameter                            Value
---------                            -----
Channel                              6
Channel Frame Retry Rate(%)          0
Channel Frame Low Speed Rate(%)      0
Channel Frame Non Unicast Rate(%)    0
Channel Frame Fragmentation Rate(%)  0
Channel Frame Error Rate(%)          3
Channel Bandwidth Rate(kbps)         0
Channel Noise                        88
Client Frame Retry Rate(%)           0
Client Frame Low Speed Rate(%)       0
Client Frame Non Unicast Rate(%)     0
Client Frame Fragmentation Rate(%)   0
Client Frame Receive Error Rate(%)   0
Client Bandwidth Rate(kbps)          0
Client Tx Packets                    394045
Client Rx Packets                    181850
Client Tx Bytes                      53446512
Client Rx Bytes                      37641654
Client SNR                           67


The APs it's not very closed, but the strange thing is that the client is always associeted on the same AP, never with the others.

Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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