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Strange issue with Aruba 650 controller.!!

So, Just got this and a few AP-125s off eBay (Basically for home use, don't really need bleeding edge 802.11ac out in BFE), and it all works awesome, except for one very weird issue.

Currently running two of my AP-125s with 5-6 different VLANs, 650 is connected to a Cisco 2950 which connects to my PFSense firewall. Port 1/4 is being used for the uplink, and I wanted to split some of the VLANs onto 5 from the GBit port on the firewall. Currently 1/5 is sitting on the native VLAN. I have an IP set for one of the VLANs for UI access, which is on 1/4. However, when I disengage the cable for 1/5 from my main LAN switch (Not the Cisco), I lose access to the UI. PFSense is configured to allow traffic across the main LAN and the VLAN the 650 is on. Reconnecting 1/5 to the main LAN restores UI access. All AP ports are also set to the same VLAN as the UI and continue to function as normal. I can attach a PC to a configured port on the Cisco and access the UI as normal. I'm wondering if maybe I have a misconfiguration somewhere I'm overlooking.

(Forgot to mention, If this can be made to work as needed, 1/5 is supposed to attach to a TP-Link TL-SG108E smart switch to move some of the VLANs over. Currently all WLAN traffic is being passed through the 2960)

(Forgot to mention as well, when I set 1/5 to a VLAN I get the same result as unplugging the cable)

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Re: Strange issue with Aruba 650 controller.!!

Sounds like a possible spanning-tree issue to me. By default the controller has legacy, per port spanning tree. If you connect two ports to an also default Cisco switch, spanning-tree will disable one of the ports. If you are sure that you don't have any loops in the network/config, which means there is no overlap in VLANs on both ports (either tagged or untagged), you could disable spanning-tree on the controller.


I think the command on the controller is:

no spanning-tree

Could it be a spanning tree-issue?

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