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Sudden WIFI Bandwidth Failure

I have Dell Powerconnect W-620 running the Aruba OS connected to 5 APs. I have had things up and running for the last 6 months and the list of devices that have grown dependent on the network has steadily grown. Everything was working fine with 2 WLANs configured, on using RADIUS auth, and the other using a PSK.


This week things crashed, and hard. I came in and one of the WLANs was not even recognized in the system anymore, I had to re-flash a backup config to bring it back online. Apparently, for the first couple days of trouble, it was intermittent, but now its consistenly functioning poorly. I reset the device, configured it to a basic setup, and created a PSK network with a new SSID and a new PSK. Testing the network latency with speedtest.net (I know its not the most accurate, but ballpark) my computer pinged at over 3000ms, where wired it pings at 22ms.


There is obviously something going wrong here and I am unaware of any layer1 changes that may have occoured.


Is there a firmware ugrade that I should consider? I am also going to isolate the APs that we are using incase one of the POE injectors is failing and mucking the data up... Any other ideas?


I cant remember the model of the APs we have but they came as a set and are Aruba APs that run off POE network conections. I will try and dig up that info as well.


Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Re: Sudden WIFI Bandwidth Failure

We are using AP105s for the record.


The problem is upstream of the wireless controller fortunately. We have been having wired connection issues on the LAN, and I am guessing that we have had a switch begin to fail or something like that. Unfortunately I am the latest in a long line of underqualified employees, and there is no real semblance of a Layer1 map, so connections are strewn everywhere and un-labled. I am going to have to physically follow some cables to see if I have a hiddden switch in the ceiling somewhere thats causing all the grief.


Sorry for the unnecessary post. If you readers have any tips on isolating soho class switches inbetween devices, I am all ears. maybe a software utility that will report a mass drop of devices, then I can just unplug a switch and then see all the devices that were plugged into that switch...


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