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Sudden loss of Webui functionality on 3600 controllers

have just had an issue where this happened a couple of hours apart for no obvious reason on 2 local controllers [out of 3 local and 1 master].


Affects the Webui. AP operation OK.


Most of the Webui "configuration tab" functionality has just disappeared on both of the controllers also.


Tried different web browsers on different machines.


No recent changes. Code is old (6.1.3.x), but all been working fine for months. No sudden addition of Access Points although are close to max allowed for 3600 controller.


Full setup is 1master and 3 locals.


I have a TAC case open (No crash logs, or process fails etc according to TAC),


Wondering if anyone had experienced this or similar and had a resolve......Other than a reboot of the controllers.








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Re: Sudden loss of Webui functionality on 3600 controllers

heard a customer once describe something similar, but that was with a 72xx series controller and a newer ArubaOS version.


did you get your issue sorted out with a restart?