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Suddenly lost WiFi Ping on Client with IAP-315

I'm using 2 IAP-315.

The MGT VLAN is 100 and VLAN 10 for the main SSID.

DHCP is on other Device.


I confirm most of the time it works well.

But some time,  some of the phone, ,like mine and other iPhone, will lost the ping to gateway.


I tested, when the clien lost ping, it can't ping the gateway and other client IP in the same subnet, but it's own WiFi interface IP is still reachable.


And same time, other devices are still working on the WiFi no impact at all.


Only way now I can do is disconnect it and re-connect than it works.

But it will show me no internet next time again.


I don't know if any hint for Android or iOS client...since it's not only one device will have this issue, but not all....and not only Android, but also iOS.


I don't know what I can do to fix it now.

Pls kindly help to give any advice...Thanks a lot.

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Re: Suddenly lost WiFi Ping on Client with IAP-315

Two reasons why that might happen:


1 - LAN Congestion

2 - Wifi Interference


Make sure in your SSIDs under Advanced, Broadcast filtering is changed to ARP.  That would minimize the effects of broadcast traffic from the LAN creating an additional burden of the wifi.


What is the transmit power of your access points?  If it is more than 21, clients might be attaching to an access point that it should not be, so you might want to change the ARM maximum transmit power to 21.

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