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Suggestion for a High Dense Deployment

Hi Team,


This is for a Corporate office with AP-135’s terminating on a Controller.


Based is the output of “show ap active”, we do see that the AP’s in the g-band are mostly operating in 3.5dBm and in the a-band they are operating from anywhere between 4.5dBM to 18 dBM


Inline image 1



VHT is disabled in this setup and the arm-config for g-band and a-band is as below:-


rf arm-profile "default-g"

no 80MHz-support

max-tx-power 9

min-tx-power 3

free-channel-index 40 <<<<< is this required considering it’s a dense deployment



rf arm-profile "default-a"

no 80MHz-support

max-tx-power 18

min-tx-power 3



My question here is that,


1. I see that the min-tx-power is set to 3dBM and that could be the reason for an AP to operate in 3dBM. However, I believe only when there is too much of interference/over coverage by the neighbouring device is when the AP would reduce its power and since the min-power is set to 3, it’s going to the least power possible. Is my understating correct? If so, do you think it’s a very high dense deployment? Or do you have a different reasoning for this?


2.  The clients wireless NIC have transmit power of close to 12 to 15dBM. What happens if we use as 12 and 15dBM on the AP as well?


3. Considering this deployment, would you still feel that we configure min/max-tx-power to 9/15dBM and disable “mode-aware” as a best practice?


Also, we have the below basic/transmit rates configured for both the g-radio and a-radio as shown below? do you have any recommendation for this as well?


802.11a Basic Rates 12 24

802.11a Transmit Rates 12 18 24 36 48 54

802.11g Basic Rates 5 6

802.11g Transmit Rates 5 6 9 11 12 18 24 36 48 54


Thank you.




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Re: Suggestion for a High Dense Deployment

You should start by mentioning if there are any problems at that site.  Making changes without some way to measure progress is a good way to introduce hidden issues.

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