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Suggestions for setting up a template AMP to create an OVA

Any suggestions or guides for setting up a template from which to generate an ova? I have users, Airwave and CentOS, set up as well as network settings, triggers, Rapids rules, etc. My main concerns is the license and device IP, I assume an amp_install will reset this but will it also reset all other parameters previously set??


Re: Suggestions for setting up a template AMP to create an OVA

On AMP Setup -> Network page to change the IP address.

-The reason to change is that when you bring it up, you don't want 2 instances with the same IP, so changing it to a temp IP will save you that trouble.


The license shouldn't be an issue until the IP address changes.  When standing up new instances, pre-empt the process with getting a license key first.


I'd add the reports you commonly use that aren't in the default daily reports.


Do not re-run amp install.  Some reports, triggers, and RAPIDS rules will need to be updated if they are for specific folders or devices.

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