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Suppress Idle TMO

I see in the Show datapath command a flag for Suppress Idle TMO... I am not sure what this means.



) #show datapath user table

Datapath User Table Entries

Flags: P - Permanent, W - WEP, T- TKIP, A - AESCCM, G - AESGCM, V - ProxyArp to/for MN(Visitor),
N - VPN, L - local, Y - Any IP user, R - Routed user, M - Media Capable,
S - Src NAT with VLAN IP, E - L2 Enforced, F - IPIP Force Delete, O - VOIP user, I - Interim stats,
C - Inactive, D - Suppress Idle TMO, m - IP mobile user anchor

Re: Suppress Idle TMO

That flag has to do with IP (L3) mobility.  If you don't have IP mobility configured, this can be ignored.

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