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Syslog error from 3600 - should I be concerned?

I'm getting this error about once a minute in my syslogs:


Apr 14 10:50:24 2015 hq3600-1 stm[1780]: <399803> <ERRS> <hq3600-1>  An internal system error has occurred at file sapm_gap.c function sapm_gap_read_lms_ap_basic_info line 4471 error ncfg_group_sxdr_read ap_fixed failed: sxdr error.


Not sure when it started.. this is a lab setup with a pair of 3600s in HA.  The controllers have been running for a while, but the network gear gets shut down when I'm not using it, to minimize fan noise and wasted power.  I brought the stack up this morning, started a Splunk VM to watch the log tail, and noticed this happening.


There was one other message on the Airheads archive where this happened, but the OP opened a TAC case and never followed-up on the forum post.  Just wondering if anyone knows what an sxdr is and why it's having a problem reading ap basic info.

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Re: Syslog error from 3600 - should I be concerned?

This is from the ArubaOS 6.3.x Syslog Messages guide:

2015-04-14 15_36_19-ArubaOS 6.3.x Syslog Message Guide (1).pdf.png

Thank you

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Re: Syslog error from 3600 - should I be concerned?

Huh.  Didn't know about the syslog guide.  Handy.  Thanks for pointing that out.


Unfortunately, I think this is an NFR box, so I kinda doubt there's actually a support contract on it.  Guess I'll reboot and hope it goes away, and bend the ear of our SE if not.

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