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TCP/UDP sessions per SSID?

I need to know how many TCP/UDP sessions a SSID has or had. Can this be done within AMP? and if so how?




Re: TCP/UDP sessions per SSID?

I don't think it can be done specifically in AMP, but this command on the controller is maybe what you're looking


(Controller) #show datapath user counters

Datapath User Table Statistics
Current Entries(L2)           106
Current Entries(L3-v4)        137
Current Entries(L3-v6)        0
Total Current Entries(L2,L3)  243
Pending Deletes      0
High Water Mark      257
Maximum Entries               16383
Total Entries        5878
Allocation Failures  0
Max link length               2

Aggregated User Entry Statistics
Current Entries               136
High Water Mark               145
Alloc Failures                0
Maximum Entries               2303
Total Entries                 3836

Invalid/Denied V4 Users       202893
Invalid/Denied V6 Users       0
Force Delete(IPIP)            0
Mac Mismatch                  0
User L2 add fail              0
User L3 add fail              0
User L2 del fail              0
User L3 del fail              0
Pending User del High         6



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Re: TCP/UDP sessions per SSID?

Thanks for the info...


Now I am looking for how many new IP sessions the conntroller has/had. I need this to determind what firewall I will need so I can NAT some of the IP space on an extrunal firewall.



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