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Tailing a show command

Is there a way to effectively tail a show command?  In particular I am having trouble with the show auth-tracebuf command which displays maybe 100 lines but on my system the data cycles way too quickly to catch it and even sitting at the console recalling the command continuoulsy doesn't catch all the entries for a user login.


show -f auth-tracebuf | include xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx


Would be really useful.

David Rickard
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Re: Tailing a show command

show auth-tracebuf mac <mac address of client>

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Re: Tailing a show command

Anoth option would be to send it to a redirect output log file

show -f auth-tracebuf | redirect-output

The output is written to a file redirect-output.log which is on the flash partition of the controller

I hope this helps,

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Re: Tailing a show command

Sorry you miss the point.  show -f doesn't exist, but I am asking if there is somethign like that which does exist.

David Rickard
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Re: Tailing a show command

Thanks, that's a better way to do it, but still lack the ability to set it up and wait for something to happen.  My tracebuf buffer lasts maybe 10 seconds

David Rickard
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