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[Tech Note] Access Point bands

Hello everyone i have decided doing a tech note regarding this after after giving a class to a client regarding the Administration of Aruba Wireless.


He was asking me how many clients a AP can support

Which i replied it depends on many factors

For  example if you got an AP 105 you get a dual band dual radio AP which mean you might be able to have maybe 25 on 5ghz band and 13 on 2.4ghz if you just maybe browsing? doing email and stuff like it which does not consume too much BW


Now why i would say something like that?

Well here is the interesting part in which some people dont think about.   It is true that a AP 105 can support 300mbs on each band i mean 300 for 2.4ghz and 300 for 5ghz  but thats if you use 40 Mhz Channels which is NOT recommended on 2.4ghz band. 

This leave the 2.4ghz band with 20mhz channels only which they just can reach to the maximum throughtput of 150mbs if you using an AP 105 which is 2x2:2 and a client which is 2x2 also.

This is really important to know or to have in mind.


Also the speed on the client depends how many antenas the client has

it is 1x1? it is 2x2? it is 3x3?

Many client  ask me

Carlos you guys sold me an AP 105 which it supposed that is capable of 300mbs on each band which it says the datasheet

My reply is to explaining him about that the speed depends on many factors, and one of them its the antena which your client has, if you are on 5ghz or 2.4ghz, if  you using 40mhz channels which is not recommended on 2.4ghz and so on.

Most of the users complaining about the speed, they  just got wireless cards of 1x1 and they are complaning they cannot reach 300mbs...


Ill leave you with a table im doing for you guys which it helps me when i get this situation in which the client is complaining about their speed, i send them to their email and start explaning them, and advice them to find out how many antenas does their laptops, tablets etc does have.


This table is assuming you got an AP 135 or something like that which got 3x3:3 antena


Client Antennas

Max speed 20Mhz Channel

Max Speed 40mhz Channel


Around 65Mbps

Around 150Mbps


Around 130Mbps

Around 300 Mbps


Around 195Mbps

Around 450 Mbps


Hope this help you all







Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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