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Technical Webinar- AP Discovery & Deployment Policy - ArubaOS 8.x


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Hello Airheads, 


Adding this post here to share the content of the Airheads Technical Webinar we delivered this Tuesday, February 27th on AP Discovery & Deployment Policy - ArubaOS 8.x. For those who could not attend the session please find below:


Webinar Recording:



- Webinar Slide Deck:


Please note that you can find additional on-demand technical webinars on our Airheads webinar repository page.


As well, the webinar calendar up to December 2018 is available here


Please feel free to leave any additional comments and questions you may have below. We will make sure to answer them as soon as possible.


Re: Technical Webinar- AP Discovery & Deployment Policy - ArubaOS 8.x

AP Discovery & Deployment policy – ArubaOS 8.x _ Q&A


Q1: can you detect on the AP model which ap is supporting which image?

Supported AP models are AP-203H ,AP-203R and AP-203RP, AP-303H, AP-365 and AP-367 access points . These ap models support this feature if there image version is (in 6.x)or  (in 8.x) and later.


Q2: I'm a bit confused as I have been using IAP105 / 205 / 305 for years as Instants or controller AP, how is this anything different.

In the previous version, if the converted campus ap has to be converted back, it requires manual intervention (factory reset or hard reset). With this feature, we have the option to convert it back to IAP.


Q3: Do this slide and the previous one apply only to these specific AP models (203 etc)?

This is supported only on the specific ap models- AP-203H ,AP-203R and AP-203RP, AP-303H, AP-365 and AP-367


Q4: Where is this deployment policy configured? 

In the Mobility Master.


Q5: Is there any specific reason you wouldn't want APs on the controller? Referring to the software?

This is a feature if we need we need to be in (in 6.x)or  (in 8.x) and later.


Q7: Sry but this is not correct, starting with every instant AP is able to do this discovery logic

To set the AP preference role to controller-less it is supported in but it has been removed in 8.0.x.x and 8.1.x.x . Starting from ArubaOS it has been supported again.


Q8: Is there a plan or roadmap to add this feature to for instance AP-300, AP-310, in the future?

Yes, we can expect more models in future.


Q9: just to be sure, which ap can be converted from CAP to IAP in V8?

  • AP-203H
  • AP-203R and AP-203RP
  • AP-303H
  • AP-365 and AP-367 access points


Q10: Cristina, after your summary I would like to double check. Although it is nearly the same as my first question. This possibility to convert Campus AP to IAP is available only for specific models like 203 and etc.?

Yes, AP-203H ,AP-203R and AP-203RP, AP-303H, AP-365 and AP-367 access points are supported.



Q11: What happens if customers do not have AW or Central and instal first UAP? Will UAP automatically connect Activate, has the customer have any accounts on Activate before he will connect UAP to the network?

IAP will always follow the AP Discovery logic workflow. This is explained in Slide No:

AP will contact Activate, but there will be no rules and hence it will proceed with the further Discovery process.


Q12: In 8.2, does this conversion "AP to IAP" work also with old AP (ex: AP-305)? or it works only with UAP?


It works for the supported AP models (AP-203H ,AP-203R and AP-203RP, AP-303H, AP-365 and AP-367) on (in 6.x)or  (in 8.x) and later..


Q13: what about the AP325 version

Currently, it is not supported for AP-325.


Q14: what about version AP-344/345?

Currently, it is not supported for AP-345.


Q15: 340 series is a unified AP model according to datasheets.

Even if it is a Unified AP, this is supported only for the specific model.



Q16: one question for the end, if you connect the AP to the internet, that it can find the activate, how does it know which activate server is his activate server. (automatically not with manual add it to the server) Because many companies can have such servers on the internet. (I know how I can manually add the ap to the activate) 

APs are hard-coded to contact device .arubanetworks.com which is available on the internet. Public DNS servers have a record for device.arubanetworks.com which points to our Activate server.

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