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Technical Webinar- Recording + Slides - Multi zone AP and Centralized image upgrade

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Hello Airheads, 


Adding this post here to share the content of the Airheads Technical Webinar we delivered this Tuesday, September 26th on Multi-zone AP and Centralized image upgrade. For those who could not attend the session please find below:


Webinar Recording:




Webinar Slide Deck - below and attached


Please note that you can find additional on-demand technical webinars on our Airheads webinar repository page.


As well we have our Oct-Dec calendar of webinars available here


Please feel free to leave any additional comments and questions you may have below. We will make sure to answer them as soon as possible.

Re: Technical Webinar- Recording + Slides - Multi zone AP and Centralized image upgrade

Multi zone AP and Centralized image upgrade- Q&A session


Q1: Will AP305 and or AP207 be supported for Multizone?

Ans: Yes these APs would support Multizone. Below is the list of supported APs.


AP type supported: AP105, AP204/205, AP214/215, AP 224/225, AP314/315, AP324/325, AP 274/275, AP334/335. AP305, AP207. Not supported on AP-9x platform


Q2: AP224/AP225 not shown on the list of AP-type support -- is this by intention or just missing?

Ans: Q1 should have the answer for this question. By mistake, i didn't add this AP model.


Q3: How does an upgrade scenario works if all zones need to be on the same version for controllers?

Ans: Upgrade scenario shouldn't change. Since primary zone has the complete control of Multizone APs (reboot/reprovision/config change), we recommend having the primary zone upgraded first.


Q4: Is ap-225 supported?

Ans: Same as Q1


Q5: The AP has two ethernet port, can we configure that one port is connected to a controller and the other port is connected to another controller? Is it supported?

Ans: No this scenario is not supported.


Q6: Can you explain num_vaps and num_nodes more?

Ans: num_vaps refer to the maximum number of VAPs that can be supported by a zone. It can be configured between 0-16 since 16 VAPs is the maximum hardware capability of AP.


0 can be set on primary zone so that VAPs can be purely configured for Data zone controllers. By doing this we can use all the 16 VAPs for the DZ controllers. But assigning 0 to Data zone is not recommended.


num_nodes refers to the maximum number of controllers in a zone that is configured to have Multizone. It can be configured between 0-11 since 12 is the maximum number of controllers that support Multizone feature.


Say for example if you have 3 as num_nodes set, only 3 MD in a cluster can be configured to have multizone.



Q7: Is this applicable if we have multi-company environment where their SSID is published on other company AP. for user mobility, we have l3 reachability

Ans: Primary zone and Data zone would have different SSIDs broadcasted. Trying to broadcast the same SSID on two zones would result in duplicate SSID. So user mobility scenario is not possible.


Q8: As client-match is not working - what feature will help client-roaming properly?

Ans: Client match is not supported as of now but may get integrated into the future major release. ARM/RF parameters should be tweaked to have better client roaming.


Q9: What is lms?

Ans: LMS stands for Local Mobility Switch. Its the primary controller where the AP terminates its tunnel.


Q10: If LMS and backup-lms must be in the same version, how a 2 controllers system can the upgrade be seamless failover??

Ans: In order for seamless failover of the AP, LMS and backup-lms should be in the same AOS version.


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